Savvy Ideas for Storage Solutions in the Workplace

Documents, files and folders, stationery, and other such paraphernalia can take up a lot of space in the workplace. If not properly managed, these items may cause a lot of clutter in office spaces.

The National Association of Professional Organisers states that cluttered and disorganized offices can lead to financial losses equivalent to at least 10% of a manager’s salary (Any Junk, 2017). A cluttered and untidy office may cause a decrease in work productivity amongst employees, which can further affect the business profits. To avoid this, workspace areas should be kept as organized as possible. A well organized, neat and clean office exhibits a certain degree of professionalism, which can provide a lot of advantages to business owners as well as the employees (Blitchok A., 2017). Investing in storage solutions such as office storage cabinets, cupboards, lockers,storage boxes, and similar products is one way in which office spaces can be kept well-organized.

office storage cabinets

Before buying these storage solutions, it is important for businesses to use buying guides to understand about the options available, materials, functions, etc. Paying attention to these factors can not only help businesses to properly choose the necessary solution, but also help them maintain it.These factors are detailed below.

Types of Storage Solutions

The world of E-retail is growing every year with respect to manufacturing of different products (E Marketer, 2016). This also applies to products like storage solutions, making them available in a myriad of varieties, all over the globe.


Lockers are storage solutions that are mainly used when people want to store their belongings in a safe manner.In contrast to storage cabinets, lockers are provided with more secure locking systems to protect the stored belongings. In most office environments, lockers are used mainly for storing the personal belongings of staff and visitors and are useful if your office operates hot-desking. Lockers are available in various types depending on the kind of workplace where they are used. For example, clothes lockers with ventilated openings can be used in changing rooms in gymnasiums, schools, sports centres, swimming pools, etc. The openings can help avoid foul smells building up inside the locker interior by keeping it well aired. Businesses can also buy lockers with slanting tops, which helps making it easier to clean them.In demanding environments like warehouses, workshops, and even in factories and industries, businesses can make use of mesh lockers.On the other hand, in a corporate environment, metal as well as wooden lockers can be invested in by businesses.

One popular type of locker on the market is compartment lockers. These are small in size compared to conventional one-door clothes lockers. They can be used to store valuables such as jewellery, wallets, phones and other personal objects. Many sellers provide the option of different accessories such as cylindrical locks, hasp locks, combination lock, extra support frames, base frames and so on.

Storage Boxes

Storage space is not only required for keeping work-based documents, files, folders and other valuables. Apart from this, there are also other objects such as stationery, newspapers, cleaning cloths and other such paraphernalia that need a designated space for storage. In this situation, businesses can use storage boxes, which are a small yet smart type of storage solution.Most sellers provide boxes that are robust in quality and take up less space. Some varieties can also be stacked, thus saving space. While investing in these solutions, businesses can also look out for features such as dividers, handles, and resistance to chemicals. The first two characteristics can help users to properly handle the boxes and customise them to the items stored. Whereas chemical resistance can be helpful if the storage box is used in demanding environments such as factories and industries.


Various types of storage cabinets for office use are available on the market. Businesses can choose between cabinets made from metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, etc. Cabinets are commonly used to store various types of equipment in offices. Metal cabinets offer sturdiness and durability. Hence, they are the most appropriate ones for use in demanding environments, where they might be exposed to rough conditions.

In contrast to metal ones, wooden storage cabinets are more suitable for use in the corporate work environment. Wooden cabinets with a good varnished finish and a laminate or veneer coating can blend well with other office furniture such as desks, chairs, lecterns, shelves, etc. In order to make them easier to move, businesses can choose cabinets that have castors attached to the bottom. This means they can be easily moved along office corridors or from one office area to another, if needed.

wooden cabinets

Plastic cabinets are another option businesses can invest in, especially if they only have to store lightweight objects, such as folders, small piles of documents, stationery, etc. These cabinets are lightweight, can be easily lifted and set up as required. Plastic is also resistant to external deteriorating conditions such as moisture and humidity. This makes them appropriate to use in changing room areas of water sports theme parks, swimming pool centres, gymnasiums, etc. where high levels of moisture might be present.Overall, before choosing to buy office cabinets online, businesses should carefully consider the above-mentioned factors in order to properly meet their requirements.

When it comes to cabinets, filing cabinets are one of the most commonly used types of cabinet all over the world. But, many office managers may be confused when it comes to choosing the ideal shape and size of their filing cabinet. Mentioned below are three main types of filing cabinets that are commonly used: vertical, lateral and flat. Using this information, companies can make an informed decision.

Filing Cabinet Shapes

Vertical Cabinets

As the name suggests, vertical cabinets are taller than lateral ones. The storage drawers usually extend from the shorter side of the cabinets, thus offering greater depth. This is ideally for storing files or any other form of documentation and can also help the user to easily access contents. A vertical storage filing cabinet helps save floor space, which can then be used for other purposes.

Lateral Cabinets

In contrast to a vertical cabinet, a lateral one has is wider than it is tall. It typically has storage space that extends from the longest side of the cabinet. Although the drawer depth is less than that of a vertical cabinet, a larger number of documents can be accommodated from a widthwise perspective. Lateral cabinets are best used for spaces where there might not be enough room to extend a longer drawer. As they are not as tall, users can also access the cabinet contents from a seated position. Lateral cabinets can help save wall space, which can be used for other purposes such as installing whiteboards, displaying inspiring quotes, putting up notice boards, etc.

Flat cabinets

If businesses want to store large documents such as drawings, canvasses, blueprints, maps, etc. in a neat manner, they should make use of flat cabinets. As the name suggests, items are laid flat in the storage space. These cabinets are shorter than lateral ones but with a larger footprint; they help users avoid folding or rolling up stored items, so that they do not get spoiled (Blitchok A., 2017).


Regardless of the shape and size, businesses need to choose storage cabinets depending on their functionality.

This is because different cabinets are meant to be used for different purposes, and using the appropriate ones can help businesses make it easy to keep their workplaces organized.

For example, businesses can make use of cabinets that are resistant to hazardous substances, chemicals, and physical deteriorating agents in demanding environments such as warehouses, factories and chemical plants. This is necessary because, in these environments, businesses might need storage spaces to keep hazardous substances, which need extra care and protection. A fireproof cabinet can also be used for such purposes.

filing cabinets

Many businesses might need to use a lot of keys on a daily basis for opening office doors, cupboards, larger cabinets, etc. If these keys are not properly kept, they might get lost or misplaced. Keeping them in a large bunch might cause a lot of confusion with regards to key selection. In order to avoid such issues, businesses can make use of key cabinets for efficient storage of all the keys. These cabinet spaces are equipped with hook strips where the keys can be hung in a proper manner.

Another consideration is that there might be times when it is necessary to move cabinets from one place to another. This might be the case if workplace areas need to be cleaned or workspace layout needs to be changed. In such cases, businesses should consider the function of mobility and buy mobile storage cabinets. These typically have castors attached to the base, making it easy to move them from one place to another.

There are many businesses that need to store numerous documents on a regular basis. Law firms, hospitals, medical organizations, stock market-based companies, etc. are ideal examples. In this case, using filing cabinets is the best option, thus helping in better organization of workspaces.Storing the paperwork can help these businesses to keep their workspaces de-cluttered, thus promoting productivity.

Size and Space Available

This is one of the most fundamental aspects that needs to be considered before investing in storage cabinets. While purchasing the cabinets, businesses should check whether ample space is left between them and any other furniture. This can help people move along the spaces in a comfortable manner.It is recommended that business owners take proper measurements of the space where they plan to set up the cabinets (Rackline, 2015). This can help them properly choose the storage solutions with regards to desired size.

 Appearance and Aesthetics

It is important for businesses to make a good impression on employees, clients, guests, etc. Making a good impression is possible by maintaining a pleasant interior ambience and attractive aesthetics in office spaces. For this, proper selection of furniture like storage cabinets, desks, chairs, bookshelves, etc. is essential. With regards to cabinets, businesses fitting out their corporate offices should choose those that blend in well with the surroundings.Cabinets made from wood with a laminate finish or veneer surfaces are a good option for maintaining a smart appearance and aesthetics.

 If seen from a cost-based perspective, storage solutions are often not very expensive when compared to other facilities such as lighting, computer system installations, executive office desks and chairs, etc.However, this doesn’t mean that their importance should be underestimated. The trick lies in understanding the requirement and acting accordingly.

Overall, considering the following factors can do wonders for businesses who want to use cabinets, lockers, racking shelves and similar solutions for keeping their office space organized.

  • Storage needs: what is being stored
  • Security and safety
  • Appearance
  • Whether shelving, cabinets or drawers are more suitable
  • Shape, size and space available

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